My first quarter in science class was at first a little hard. With the first week of school and all I was a little nervous. Luckily, after a while I began to understand some things. I mean I had to get back into my school routines, and start my middle school life, but I slowly caught onto things.
     I must say that one of my favorite experiments in Science was the "By Golly, By Time, By Gum" experiment. At first we all strted out with a piece of gum, we all chewed our pieces of gum for 2 minutes then set them (on their wrappers) on a scale that meausred the gums weight. After another 2 minutes of chewing, we repeated the whole weighing process.
     We all soon found out that after every 2 minutes of chewing, the gum would loose more and more weight. I likes this experiment because we were all able to enjoy some gum, but also fit it into something educational. I sure hope I will be able to do this experiment again and can't wait until my next upcoming science experiment!  

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