A lot of people say dogs look just like their owners. Really?! No, no that's just a joke. Sometimes it might seem like that but really, dogs look just like their parents not their owners. Believe it or not, their different! Sometimes their looks might have a twist from their parents, but a lot of the time, they look identical. A lot of childeren and kids today inherit traits or looks from their parents. When animals, humans, or other living things reproduce, their offspring (most of the time) inherit many different traits.   
     For instance, I have brown eyes and so des my sister. We both inherited that from my mom, who has brown eyes. My dad and my brother each have blue eyes. I have tan skin, and my dad has tan skin.
     When living things such as animals reproduce, they normally reproduce in sexual reproduction. That means two parents produce offsrping that carries traits from each parent. Some living things have asexual reproduction. That means one parent produces offsrping that is identical to themselves. We might not think we look like our parents now, but just wait! You'll see!


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