Ever since you were a kid you always had your parents saying "You should ask Santa for that." or "Put it on your Christmas List! I'm sure Santa will read it! Now that your older though, do you ever think about whether the fat man with the white beard is real? I mean, that's what everyone says. Have you ever doubted it? Ever wondered if anything so mind-boggling is real. You've been told so, but I think its time to find out. Don't you?
     To get scientific, we would have to use a series of numbers. Here we go!!! There are about 3 million children that are under 18  (that through religion [and other stuff] can have Christmas) in the world. They receive gifts from "Santa."  Look at this though, there are houses all around the world each holding a different amount of children. If Santa has to travel around the world in 12 hours... he's moving at an average rate of 2 seconds per house. Maybe even less!
     Then, look at Santa's sleigh. With Santa eating all those cookies  (from all the children around the whole earth!!!) ... he would weigh about 5 tons. Not counting the toys, and the reindeer; If reindeer were real, which could be possible through animals and genetics. All that weight is going 2 seconds around the world in 12 hours!
     So... as you can see. Unless there is a 5 ton, fat, white bearded man living in the North Pole (below freezing) there is no way there could ever be a Santa Claus. Of course there are possibilities, like magic, but with being in 2012 and going into 2013, there is a serious doubt about it! Just the only problem now, is... who brings the presents!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

12/18/2012 12:09pm

Hi, Katie. I liked the way you mentioned the fact that there are more factors than physics in why Santa isn't real. I also liked the way that you continued using the same evidence when you were explaining what you thought. Your response reminded me of the article, especially with the tone and humor. Nice post.


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