Humans see math everyday you'd think they'd know it better! Well, I am a failure at math. I work hard and have an A but sometimes I get so lost! This year linear equations were really easy and so was area but moving from Algebra to Pre-Algebra is tricky. In Pre-Algebra, everything is review which probably makes you think "Well she's an idiot!"  In Pre-Algebra, I really struggled with word problems. They just didn't seem to click. I kept going in and talking to my teacher about it but his door was always locked. The next morning I'd mention my attempt to come in a work with him but again I found myself sitting outside his door because it was locked. It's quite frustrating really. Finally, I went home and asked my mom for (more and more) help. 
     This taught me that when there is a problem to not just sit around and do nothing. I need to put effort into my work and study. My mom once told me, "You can NEVER study enough." At first I thought, "Uh huh, sure I can. Whatever." but my mom was right. You can never study enough. There is no limit. The more you study the better your grades are. Plus, it's never to late to fix a bad grade. What I am saying is, don't procrastinate or wait 'till the last second. Do what you can when you can. Chose grades over fun because there is always a time for fun. They are all hard lessons to learn that I have learned really well. The better I work the better my grades get. The better you work the better your grades get. Learn the lesson now, make you decision now. It's easier to make your choice now because when the time comes, you won't worry or stress because you know what you have chosen. Even if you failed you last 7 test, you can always make some impact on your grade. Never Give Up.

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