Welcome back and happy Monday! I hope everyone's weekend was fun and will talk about mine later on Free-Write Friday. Today we are going to "discuss" how to solve the equation "2x-7=15." Here, we go... 
#1 Figure and Define.
2,7, and 15 are all digits
- means we are going to subtract
"x" is just a variable. It could be any imaginable number. 

#2 Solve (Now that we know what everything is)
YOU HAVE TO GET THE VARIABLE (x) ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, subtract 2 from each side. 2-2=0 and 15-2=13
Now we have       x-7=13

#3 Finish it off
Since 7 is -7 in this case, we will add to get zero (negative plus positive is zero if its the same number)
-7+7=0 and 13+7=20
Now we have x=20

#4 Double-Checker
Double check your work and make sure all your numbers are correct.
I've double checked my work and i know it to be true. 


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