Katelyn watched as her friends shrunk into specks as her family drove away. She thought about all that she was leaving behind, her friends, school, and family. She didn't want to do it, but her parents gave her no choice, she wasn't eighteen, she was twelve. Her parents told her everything, everything they had been keeping from her since they found out themselves. How they were moving and why. Katelyn didn't really understand. Just because of a job offer? She thought it was stupid, hoping they would stay and decline the offer. But where is she now? Sitting in her parents car, driving, to Volcom, Vermont.
    Volcom, Vermont is a small... town with a population of 1, 825 people. Vocom, is so small, it's covered up by the "V' in Vermont. If you were to look on a map, you wouldn't see it, at all. Nothing is known about it. It's and old, laid-down, town. Full of churches, streets, schools, shops, and bakerys. Of course, Katelyn and her family never saw any of these things. Only because nobody knows about Volcom. No one ever had.


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