I have read so many funny books about middle school. Either the kids a geek, just moved in, or has no life. Sometime in the book the kid gets made fun of, or makes a really bad move, or gets shoved in a locker. Well, I am here to say that that is not true. Middle school is really a place where everyone is really close in age, grade, and intelligence. It's like a elementary school with only two grades but the same amount of students. I was really nervous about middle school. Everyone says its so awkward in middle school, but I don't see what they're talking about. Middle school is really fun when you have friends. They can help you out with anything you need and will always be there for you. Even if you don't have any friends at your school, its not hard to make any. Like I said earlier, everyone at middle school is a student just like you! 
    Middle school is something to look forward too, not to aviod thinking about. It is going to come one day, why not prepare. Remember that at your new (middle) school, you should make new friends, but don't forget about keeping your old ones!


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