First of all, happy friday!!! Isn't it great to know the weekend is in our fingers!? We get to sleep in, relax, play, no homework. Sometimes that is how we wish it always was... well, not me. This weekend, I don't even have time to breathe. First of all, I made a "Must Do" list. Even thought the list is just for fun, I am deterrmined to get it done. I've never had a list like the one I made, and if I have, I haven't completed it. So I am really determined to check off everything ont hat list! I hve a few things on the list I can recall, like painting my nails, organizing my money, shopping online, work on my book, and make monster book marks. Even though I have a lot more on the list I still have things not on the list. I still have things I need to get finished. One, I have to clean my room. It's a mess! Second, I have a birthday party, and third, I have to babysit some kids.
     You might think I'll have some times to relax...well I don't! Plus, the birthday party goes 'till 11:00pm. That's not super duper late but still on a weekend where you wake up at 5:45 every weekday (except Thursdays,) you just want some peace and quiet and a comfy mattress. I'm just hoping I can be one quick bunny and hop through it all! And have a little time to breathe.

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