"Let's go!"  Today was 99 degrees and humid. The population of the Jamie Johnson baseball field...0. At least until we arrived. We unloaded the truck and Jacob set up our lunch. Disty chased me around the park barking and running after rolling baseballs falling out of the truck. We all grabbed our lunches and ate fast, we wanted to fit a good game of baseball into our afternoon schedule. My dad had work and my mom had a meeting so we had only a little bit of time. 
     "Batter-up!" My dad called from home plate. Jacob slid into 2nd base within seconds. "Could'a had a home run!" my mom shouted from 3rd. The game went by slowly after chasing Disty around after every pitch and bat. Finally, my mom stared at her watch and corralled us over to the truck. I'll meet you guys home at seven, I'll take my Chevy."

     "Dad! Slow down!"  I bumped around holding Disty in my arms, "Disty going to wet if you don't go lighter on the gas!"  My dad swerved around stop signs and grumbled, "I am already 10 minutes late!"  Jacob could've cared less with his new smart phone in his hand. "6 minutes from home," he smiled at me, "My GPS navigator says so." I rolled my eyes as my dad grabbed a tie out of his compartment. "DAD!" I screamed, we were in the wrong lane. "Hang on!" 

     That was all I remember.

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